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Australia II 24k Gold Plated Souvenir Coin in Acrylic Case

Introducing our exclusive Australia II 40 Years On Souvenir Coin, a cherished keepsake showcasing the iconic logo on the front and the distinguished WA Maritime Museum logo on the reverse side.

Available exclusively at the WA Maritime Museum, this commemorative coin captures the essence of a historic moment in Australian maritime history. Measuring approximately 4.5cm in diameter, it is meticulously crafted in a base of brass with 24 carat gold plating for a touch of elegance.

To ensure its pristine condition, each coin comes with a protective acrylic case, preserving its beauty for generations to come.

 Own a piece of history and celebrate the Australia II's remarkable victory with our Australia II 40 Years On Souvenir Coin, available only at the WA Maritime Museum.

Australia II 40 Years ON Gold Plated Souvenir Coin collectable

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