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Egyptian Cat Head Bracelet with Antiqued Silver Finish

In the captivating realm of ancient Egypt, cats held a revered and sacred status. They embodied the essence of Bastet, the goddess with a feline visage, worshipped in the city of Bubastis nestled in the northeastern delta of Lower Egypt. Originally connected to the sun god Re, Bastet evolved to symbolize the life-giving energy of the sun, the safeguarding of women, and the embodiment of happiness and bliss.

 Our Ancient Egypt Inspired Cat bracelet pays homage to the profound reverence bestowed upon these magnificent creatures. Crafted with exquisite artistry, the bracelet features a pewter base with an antique silver finish, enhancing its timeless allure. With its resizable design, it offers a comfortable fit for any wearer.

Embrace the mysticism and symbolic power of ancient Egypt with this captivating cat bracelet. Let it serve as a sacred emblem of Bastet, exuding grace, protection, and the joyful essence associated with this revered feline goddess.

Materials: Pewter with antique silver finish

Resizable design

Made in the USA

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