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Crab Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser Aqua

Introducing the ingenious Silicon Crab Utensil Holder by the renowned Ototo Studio, a must-have addition to your kitchen arsenal! This adorable crab-shaped gadget is designed to securely cling to the side of your cooking pot, providing you with an extra helping claw to hold your utensils while you cook.

Say goodbye to messy countertops, as this clever accessory keeps your kitchen surface clean and tidy while you cook. Its cute and playful design adds a touch of charm to your cooking space.

Crafted from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, this utensil holder is not only safe for food contact but also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Its compact dimensions of 9.9L x 7.6W centimeters make it ideal for any kitchen setup.

Experience the convenience and whimsy of the Silicon Crab Utensil Holder and elevate your cooking experience today!

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