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Australian Made Tote Bag: Jade Dolman - The Stars Speak - WA Museum Exclusive

Quality Australian made cotton tote bag with all over Jade Dolman print.

Jade Dolman is a Whadjuk/Ballardong Noongar, Eastern Arrernte woman from Perth, Western Australia.  She has a passion for bridging cultural gaps through her visual art.  Jades purpose is to highlight that all Australian land is traditional Country on which her ancestors have practiced their culture on for thousands of years.  Her works are a contemporary continuation of traditional culture. 

“Noongar culture on land is deeply connected to the night sky.  We are guided by six seasons, represented by the changes we see in flowering plants and animal life, and in the location and orientation of stars in the night sky. Certain constellations, such as the Seven Sisters and Emu in the Sky, are also very significant stories in my law and culture.” Jade Dolman

Image: The Stars Speak - Djinda Waanginy
Jade Dolman

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