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Egyptian Blue Bes Ceramic Statue

Introducing a captivating depiction of the revered ancient Egyptian deity, Bes, in the form of a splendid blue figurine.

Crafted meticulously from glazed earthenware, this exquisite Bes figure showcases the artistry and reverence of ancient Egyptian culture. Bes, the god associated with fertility and renowned for his ability to dispel malevolent forces, held a prominent place in the beliefs of ancient Egyptians.

Adorned with this remarkable figurine, one can invite a touch of ancient mystique and divine protection into their home. Believed to safeguard the inhabitants and bestow joy upon them, ornaments featuring the deity Bes were commonly placed around Egyptian households.

With dimensions of H10xW4.5xL3.5cm, this culturally-inspired masterpiece not only serves as a symbol of ancient wisdom and artistic finesse but also makes for a remarkable gift choice, perfectly suited to grace any abode.

Statue: Egyptian Blue Bes Ceramic - The British Museum
Statue: Egyptian Blue Bes Ceramic - The British Museum

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