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Walking Anubis Replica

Introducing an exclusive offering from the renowned British Museum—a meticulously crafted replica of an ancient Egyptian bronze figure depicting the revered deity Anubis.

This exquisite replica, hand-made in the United Kingdom, showcases remarkable attention to detail. It has been cast from a mold derived from the original Late Period bronze sculpture, which currently resides within the esteemed confines of the British Museum. Every intricacy of the original artwork has been faithfully captured, preserving the essence of its historical significance.

The figure portrays Anubis, the iconic jackal-headed god, frozen in a dynamic pose with one leg gracefully extended, evoking a sense of motion and vitality. Anubis holds a prominent position among the pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods, revered as the guardian and protector of the deceased.

Typically depicted as a jackal or a wolf—a long-legged wild dog—Anubis occasionally assumed a hybrid form with the body of a man and the head of a dog. Ancient artwork depicts Anubis presiding over the sacred process of mummification, shepherding the souls through the realms of the underworld. With solemn vigilance, he oversaw the pivotal Weighing of the Heart ceremony, determining the worthiness of the departed to enter the realm of the dead.

With dimensions of H20xW4xL9cm, this remarkable replica stands as a testament to the enduring allure of ancient Egyptian culture. Ideal for collectors, enthusiasts, or those seeking a tangible connection to history, this exceptional piece encapsulates the mystical aura of Anubis and invites contemplation of the profound rites of life and death in ancient Egypt.

Walking Anubis Replica

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