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T-Rex Clay Puzzle

For the budding junior paleontologist in your home, this is an absolute must-have. Delve into the excitement of constructing the skeleton and unleashing their creativity to design the exterior in any way they desire. The potential for innovation knows no bounds, providing a platform for enhancing creativity and skills. This educational and thrilling toy fosters the development of motor skills, coordination, and patience as kids meticulously assemble the model skeleton, followed by the artistic endeavor of customising the body with clay.

Each creation is a unique masterpiece, guided solely by the child's artistic vision. They have the power to decide on color patches, stripes, or even the placement of eyes. The dinosaur's form can be as robust or slender as their imagination allows.

For the young paleontologist in your life, this makes for the ultimate gift. If your child is enamored with dinosaurs, the Discovery Kids #MINDBLOWN T-Rex DIY Clay Puzzle is the perfect present. Whether it's for Christmas or their birthday, wrap up this delightful package containing 6 colored air-dry clays (18g each), 2 skeleton puzzle boards, 3 dinosaur eyes, and an instruction pamphlet enriched with fun facts. Guaranteed to spark joy and creativity!
T-Rex Clay Puzzle

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