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The Unofficial Guide to the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife by Bastet the Cat and Sophie Berger

Hard Back

Bastet is a mummified cat who is here to take you on a journey through the mystical death rituals of Ancient Egypt. Starting with some routine disembowelment and mummification, she explains about the role of the coffins, the separation of your soul, the importance of amulets and the various types of Egyptian tombs. Together, you will cross the river Styx and face the gods in one final judgement - the weighing of the heart. Bastet will make sure you have everything you need in the afterlife, because, it turns out, you can take it with you after all!

This is a light-hearted, but nonetheless, informative insight into the fascinating beliefs and traditions of Ancient Egypt. Bright, textural illustrations by Laura Winstone bring a freshness of tone to a subject matter that might be ancient but never grows old.

32 Pages


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