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Egg Holder: ADA Pebble Series in Marbled Grey by Beste Ogan

Beste Ogan

A Fremantle based designer-maker, Beste strives to create 'textures to touch' - intimate functional ceramic objects that make you not want to let go once you hold them; timeless designs that are a pleasure to use every day. They celebrate 'the beauty of the imperfect', reflecting colours, textures and forms derived from nature.

This range from Beste includes:

TABAK – ‘stoneware tableware mimicking distressed leather’

ADA – ‘porcelain dinnerware mimicking pebbles and marble’

Please note due to the individual and unique nature of each piece, colour and uniformity may vary slightly with each piece.

Dimensions: L12cm x W 9cm x H 2cm

Egg Holder ADA Pebble Series
Egg Holder ADA Pebble Series

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