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Handbook of Western Australian Birds Vol. 1: Non Passerines Emu to Dollarbird by R.E. Johnstone and G.M. Storr


The Handbook of Western Australian Birds covers all species of birds recorded from Western Australia and its offshore islands including Ashmore reef, Christmas, and Cocos Keeling Islands. 

  • Complete Classification of The Non-Passerines
  • Each species is comprehensively treated.
  • Popular and Scientific Names
  • Details on Morphology, distribution, status, habitat preference, breeding, and behaviour
  • 158 distribution maps
  • 45 bird plates
  • 30 egg plates
  • 60 text figures
  • Published 2004 (2nd edition)

Please note this is a second print edition and that the Western Australian Birds Volume 2 is currently out of print and no longer available from any of the WA Museum stores.

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