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1980s Music Trivia Card Game - Ridley

Get ready to take a groovy trip down memory lane with our "Totally 80s Music Trivia Game"! If you're craving some nostalgic vibes from the rad 80s era, look no further. Relive the iconic decade of shoulder pads, mullets, and boom boxes with this entertaining game that's sure to light up any party or game night.

Inside the box, you'll find 40 cards packed with music trivia questions and next line challenges that will transport you straight back to the glory days of the 80s. Gather your friends and divide into two teams to embark on an epic battle of wits and musical knowledge.

Here's how it works: Take turns asking the opposing team a thrilling 80s music trivia question from the cards. But hold onto your leg warmers because the real fun has just begun! Choose a team member to step into the spotlight and sing the line of the song listed on the card. Now, it's up to their team to show off their lyrical prowess and sing back the next line correctly. Every correct response earns you another point, so make every melody count!

The excitement doesn't stop there! To make the experience even more delightful, the game comes packaged in a groovy, retro plastic cassette tape style case that doubles as a convenient stand. It's like a blast from the past, and it adds a charming touch to your gaming setup.

Whether you're a true child of the 80s or a curious newcomer to the era's iconic tunes, "Totally 80s Music Trivia Game" guarantees a blast of fun and laughter for all players. The game is complete with full instructions to get you and your crew jamming in no time.

So, dust off your neon leg warmers, put on your favorite mixtape, and get ready to test your knowledge and vocal chops with the ultimate 80s music trivia showdown! Let the games begin, and may the most righteous team win!
1980s Trivia Game

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