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Acrylic On Canvas by Rene Nelson Pupuliri 2022 of Minyma Kutjara Arts Project

Acrylic on Canvas - unstretched

122cm x 102cm

Pupuliri is my Country on the way north to Kaltukatjara (Docker River) in the Northern Territory from Irrunytju rock hole near Wingellina Community where I live now. There are three main rock holes and other smaller ones. This is my fathers Country and as a child I spent time travelling around this country with my mother and father and uncle. I remember my sister Yvonne and I would collect kampurarrpa (bush tomato, desert raisin). After the rains all the wild flowers come out and the country is full of colour.

Rene was born at Warlu, a rock hole west of Irrunytju, near Papulankutja (Blackstone). As a young child Rene lived a semi nomadic lifestyle in the desert.

"When I was little I walked in the bush with my mother and father from rock hole to rock hole. If a little rock hole got dry we would travel to one of the main rock holes which always had water .”

Rene walked with her family to Warburton Mission and then on to Areyonga mission in the Northern Territory where she went to school. Years later the family walked to Papulankutja in Western Australia and then on to Irrunytju community where Rene married and raised her five children and five grandchildren.

A founding member of Irrunytju Arts, Nelson’s paintings contnue to draw on her knowledge of Country and the important rock holes around her place of birth. Her work is characterised by layers of vibrant colours, intensified by precise dottng. Nelson is a skilled bush woman and incorporates her love of traditional craft skills including punu (wood) carving, tjanpi (grass) weaving and bead work into a contemporary art practice.

22-117 Rene Nelson Pupuliri 2022 122 x 102 cm Acrylic on canvas

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