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A5 Journal: Yirratji Bandicoot by Peter Schouten - WA Museum Exclusive

High quality hardback journal made in the UK containing approximately 96 pages of 100gsm cream lined paper.  Finished with square corners and ribbon marker and printed with artwork by Peter Schouten, Australian Wildlife Artist.

The featured artwork is a representation of the Yirratji Bandicoot or Northern Pig-footed Bandicoot, Chaeropus Yirratji discovered in 2019 after having been extinct for half a century!

“The pig-footed bandicoot was one of the most unique, and possibly one of the weirdest animals on the planet. No other mammal walked on two toes on its front legs and one toe on its hind legs,” 

‘The Yirratji is the smallest known grazing mammal that ever lived, weighing less than 600 grams. Rather than hop, these bandicoots ran fast on their long slender legs. They were probably mostly active at twilight and lived in a grass-lined nest during the day. Once occurring across central Australia, populations collapsed following European settlement and they have been presumed extinct since the 1950's. This species was only recognised by scientists recently as it is very similar to the Landwang (Chaeropus ecaudatus) after a reassessment all 29 modern pig-footed bandicoot remains that survive (including bones, taxidermy animals and wet specimens), as well as fossil and subfossil bones held in museums and universities around the world.’  Dr. Kenny Travouillon

Image: Reconstruction of Yirratji Bandicoot by Peter Schouten
Science: Dr. Kenny Travouillon, Curator of Mammalogy at the WA Museum
Courtesy of the Western Australian Museum
A5 Journal Yirratji Bandicoot, Reconstruction of the Northern Pig-Footed Bandicoot

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