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Cards and Roses Bone China Teapot

Introducing our exquisite Fine Bone China Teapot with a 750ml capacity, a true Wonderland delight. This beautifully crafted teapot invites you to step into the enchanting world of Alice in Wonderland, featuring the iconic illustrations by John Tenniel. On one side, you'll find the whimsical presence of Alice herself, while the other side showcases playing cards encircling a lush rose bush.

The vivid ceramic print captures every intricate detail of these classic images, enhancing the overall elegance of this teapot. Made from fine bone china, it combines delicacy with durability, suitable for both everyday and special occasions.

With a generous capacity, easy-pour spout, and timeless design, it promises to transform your tea-drinking experience into something truly extraordinary. Indulge in Wonderland's magic with every sip and make this teapot a cherished addition to your collection.

alice in wonderland fine bone china teapot

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