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Anubis Enamel Magnet Ancient Egypt

Enhance your daily aesthetic with our Enamel-Filled Magnet, showcasing an Egypt-inspired motif that beautifully encapsulates the allure of ancient civilisation. Exclusively available through the Western Australian Museum, this magnet offers versatile use. Wear it as a lapel adornment, thanks to its robust backing magnet, or employ it conventionally as a fridge or metal surface magnet

Design: Anubis, revered in ancient Egypt, embodies the enigmatic realm between life and death. As the guardian of the afterlife, he guided pharaohs with wisdom, symbolizing the transition into eternity

Exclusive collectible magnet range from the WA Museum. Embrace the allure of these unique designs, each holding a piece of history. Start your collection today and own a piece of artistry inspired by the Western Australian Museum's rich heritage.

Anubis Enamel Magnet Ancient Egypt

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