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Chrysocolla slab with polished face

Experience the exquisite beauty of the Chrysocolla Slab, featuring a polished face that showcases captivating shades of greens and browns. This natural wonder brings the awe-inspiring artistry of the earth's geological processes into your space.

Chrysocolla is a mineral that is often associated with the colors green and blue, and it is commonly found in copper ore deposits. It is composed of various hydrated copper silicates, and its vibrant colors are a result of the presence of copper. Chrysocolla often forms as botryoidal (rounded masses with a bumpy texture) or stalactitic aggregates, and it can also be found in veins and crusts.

Formed over eons through the intricate dance of minerals and time, Chrysocolla is a true masterpiece of nature. The polished face of this slab reveals the culmination of geological transformation, a stunning testament to the Earth's artistic prowess. Found in various corners of the globe, the Chrysocolla slab we offer originates from the rich mineral deposits of Queensland, Australia.

As a symbol of the Earth's intricate creative processes, the Chrysocolla slab with its polished face is an exceptional addition to any space. Use it as a stunning display piece, a conversation starter, or a tangible reminder of the natural world's artistry. Embrace the connection between nature's geological masterpiece and your living environment with this exquisite Chrysocolla slab.

Its unique colors and patterns make it a popular choice for both collectors and those who appreciate its natural beauty.

Chrysocolla slab with polished face

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