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Eraser: Seven Sisters Dreaming Kungkarrangkalpa

Circular eraser printed with artwork from the National Museum of Australia's 'Songlines, Tracking the Seven Sisters' Exhibition.

“Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters was an Aboriginal-led exhibition that took visitors on a journey along the epic Seven Sisters Dreaming tracks, through art, Indigenous voices and innovative multimedia and other immersive displays.” National Museum of Australia

Kungkarrangkalpa (Seven Sisters), 2016 is an artwork by Anawari Inpiti Mitchell, Angilyiya Tjapiti Mitchell, Lalla West, Jennifer Nginyaka Mitchell, Eileen Tjayanka Woods, Lesley Laidlaw and Robert Woods - Papulankutja Artists in collaboration with the National Museum of Australia.

Image: Kungkarrangkalpa (Seven Sisters) 2016 by Angilyiya Tjapitji Mitchell
Courtesy of Papulankutja Artists

Eraser: Seven Sisters Dreaming Kungkarrangkalpa

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