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Family Croquet Set - 4 Mallet

Embark on a journey of long-lasting croquet enjoyment with our entry-level croquet set. Designed to initiate your love for this classic game, it's an ideal choice for all ages, from kids to adults. The set is tailored for 4 players and encompasses everything you need:

4 custom-crafted hardwood mallets (Head: 170mm x 50mm diameter; Handle: 22mm diameter x 800mm)
4 high-quality composite balls (70mm)
9 meticulously painted steel wickets (3.7mm)
2 sturdy hardwood stakes (22mm diameter x 357mm)

Notably, our set boasts composite balls, ensuring durability and performance. Packaged neatly in a robust nylon bag, it comes complete with clear and concise official rules for both nine-wicket backyard croquet and six-wicket garden croquet. Whether you're setting up a friendly match or honing your skills, this beginner's croquet set promises hours of enjoyment for years to come.

Family Croquet Set - 4 Mallet
Family Croquet Set - 4 Mallet

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