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Field Guide to Sea Stingers and Other Venomous and Poisonous Marine Invertebrates by Loisette M. Marsh and Shirley M. Slack-Smith


Australia’s coastline extends from the tropical waters of the north to the temperate waters in the south, and it attracts thousands of swimmers, sailors, skindivers, fishers, naturalists and beach walkers each year. This book is a comprehensive guide to the venomous and poisonous marine animals without backbones to be encountered in our waters, including their habitats and lifestyles and the nature of their toxins.

Field Guide to Sea Stingers also provides tips on how to avoid being bitten, stung or poisoned, as well as up to date first aid information on treatment in the event of an encounter.

  • Published 2010 (2nd edition)
Field Guide to Sea Stingers and other venomous and poisonous marine invertebrates Marsh and Slack-Smith back

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