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Finn Shark Plush Toy

Meet Finn Shark, the fantastic and friendly plush companion that might look like he packs a punch with his teeth, but rest assured, all he wants is hugs and kisses from his new favorite person – you! This plush blue-grey shark is crafted with quality materials, ensuring he is perfectly huggable and irresistibly cuddly. With super realistic detailing and shape, Finn is sure to be a marine lover's dream come true.

Measuring approximately 58cm, Finn Shark brings the allure of the ocean into your arms. Whether displayed as a decorative piece or embraced as a cuddly friend, this plush shark is bound to captivate hearts young and old.

Recommended for ages 3 and up, Finn Shark offers safe and joyful playtime experiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for marine life. Dive into a world of imaginative adventures and explore the wonders of the sea with Finn, the charming and lifelike plush shark. Embrace his friendly nature and create lasting memories with this marine marvel.

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