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Budgerigar Gah

Australia is home to some incredibly gorgeous wildlife, and Huggable Toys’ Gah Budgerigar is no exception this. Made out of 100% recycled plastic fibres, Gah is a visually stunning green and gold plush budgie, perfect for many a Hug. Whether perched on a shelf or accompanying you on an adventure, Gah brings with him a burst of playful charm to any space.

Bring the beauty of the budgie home today with Huggable Toys’ Gah Budgerigar, the perfect souvenir or gift for any bird lover!

Saving the planet, one Hug at a time!

  • Approx. 20cm
  • Recommended for ages 3 & up
  •  100% recycled plastic fibres (filling to fabric)
    • Approx. 8 water bottles made this budgie!

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