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Galilean Moons of Jupiter Gemstones

Showcase your love of astronomy and space with these stunning Galilean Moons Gemstones!

Each tumbled gemstone symbolises the 4 largest moons of Jupiter as seen from Earth by telescope by Galileo in 1610.

These are some of the largest objects in the Solar System with the exception of the sun and the 8 planets!

These gemstones are represented by the following minerals:

Io: Yellow Jade (1.9cm in diameter)

Europa: Red Howlite (1.5cm in diameter)

Ganymede: Bamboo Jasper (2.5cm in diameter)

Callisto: Leopard Skin Jasper (2.2cm in diameter)

This gift-boxed collection makes a great conversation piece for lovers of space, astrology and geology.

Coming ready to display in a heavy-duty cardstock box, your polished gemstones are ratio-sized based on the real Galilean Moons.

Dimensions of box: 12.5cm x 5.5cm.

Not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

Galilean Moons of Jupiter Gemstones

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