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Horus Enamel Keyring Ancient Egypt

Elevate your everyday style with our Enamel-Filled Key Chain, featuring an Egypt-inspired design that captures the mystique of ancient civilization. The exquisite enamel detailing brings the intricate artwork to life, while the elegant gold chain and ring add a touch of luxury. Exclusively from the Western Australian Museum, this key chain is not only a stylish accessory but also a piece of history. Carry a piece of Egypt's allure with you wherever you go – a perfect blend of culture and sophistication.

Design: Horus, Egyptian deity, falcon-headed god of sky and kingship, protector, associated with pharaoh's power and cosmic order.

Exclusive collectible keyring range from the WA Museum. Embrace the allure of these unique designs, each holding a piece of history. Start your collection today and own a piece of artistry inspired by the Western Australian Museum's rich heritage.

Horus Enamel Keyring Ancient Egypt

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