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Humpback Whale: HALFTOY - Ocean World

Discover the Amazing World of HALFTOYS!

Collectible and Educational, HALFTOYS are open-ended sensory toys that both adults and kids absolutely LOVE!

It's a fun way to introduce bones to children while serving as a tactile desktop toy for those who are kids at heart.

Every HALFTOY character splits in half to reveal a cute multi-piece bone puzzle-style skeleton!  The body has enclosed magnetic points allowing the toy to click close.  HALFTOYS come complete with a character-specific play scene diorama in every pack. When multiple HALFTOYS are purchased their play, scenes fit together creating a larger play space.  There are 6 full-size characters to collect in each world!

Meet the Humpback Whale, complete with an immersive oceanic adventure diorama, this whale toy has interactive magnets to satisfy snapping needs and a skeleton puzzle for endless tinkering. Collect and connect them all to create your own underwater paradise!

Ages: 3+

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