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Rover Thomas: I Want to Paint by Belinda Carrigan


In the year 2000, The Holmes a Court Collection presented a focused exhibition of ten paintings by Rover Thomas at The Holmes a Court Gallery. The premise was to raise public awareness of the unique nature of the works and the artist who created them. This publication and exhibition evolved from this initial imperative and in response to the increasing public interest in Rover Thomas and his art.

About the Artist:
"Rover Thomas was born in about 1926 at Gunawaggi near Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia. He was of the Wangkajunga people on his father’s side, and Kukatja from his mother’s people. From an East Kimberley perspective, he belonged to the Joolama subsection or skin group. From the age of ten until he settled at the Aboriginal community called Warmun near Turkey Creek, Rover Thomas ‘grew up’ in his tribal culture, moving with his family to various pastoral stations, later to work as a stockman in the Kimberley and the Northern Territory. In the 1940s while living at Billiluna Station in the south Kimberley he was fully initiated into traditional lore."
National Gallery of Victoria

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