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Melody Wedge Tail Eagle Plush Toy

Experience the thrill of soaring through the skies with Melody Wedge Tail Eagle! This plush captures the majestic features of a real eagle, from its talons to its impressive wings. Melody is the ideal companion for bird lovers, a valuable teaching tool in the classroom, or a treasured Australian-themed souvenir.

Standing approximately 34cm tall, Melody's lifelike appearance will captivate young and old alike. With malleable wire in its claws, you can pose this eagle in various flight positions, adding to the sense of adventure and imagination.

Designed in Australia, Melody Wedge Tail Eagle embodies the spirit of the wild and offers an educational and awe-inspiring experience for ages 3 and up. So spread your wings and explore the vast skies of imagination with this incredible plush eagle!

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