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EUGY Ankylo

Ankylosaurus are well-known dinosaurs for its unique physical features. They had an armoured back to defend themselves from predators, alongside a weaponised tail to scare off threats! They were short and flat yet still massive - only 1.2 metres (4 ft) tall, but 10.7 metres (35ft) long, and 1.8 metres (6 ft) wide! Only a handful of their fossil fragments have been discovered, which means there's still a lot to find out about this fascinating dinosaur.

Eugys are 3D Modle Kits that come with detailed instructions and educational booklets which tell you a little bit about the animal.  All kits are made with rice-based inks and 100% recycled cardboard. Finished models are between  6-10cm tall and 15-20cm long.

Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourage creativity as well as being environmentally friendly.
So go on...bring home your wild!

EUGY Ankylo

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