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Photographic Card Deck Of The Solar System

A companion to Solar System: A Visual Exploration of the Planets, Moons and Other Heavenly Bodies that Orbit Our Sun, this beautiful photographic card deck features 100 different items from our solar system, from planets and moons to asteroids, solar wind, and famous astronomers one on each card with a full-size image on the front and fascinating information on the back. The Photographic Card Deck of the Solar System is the most beautiful and detailed set of cards ever produced on the subject.

The deck includes 156 5" x 5" cards, each covering a single topic, such as an individual planet or moon, asteroids, comets, gravity, the movement of the planets, solar wind, dwarf planets, dark matter, and the possibility of life elsewhere, and more. The front side of each card features a full-size photograph while the back includes explanatory text and key scientific data illustrating the most important and interesting aspects of each topic.

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