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Prehnite: Half Nodule from Wave Hill Northern Territory Australia

Prehnite is a calcium and aluminum inosilicate. Prehnite solidifies as stalactitic or botryoidal aggregation, with just the contours of refined grains exhibiting visible facets, nearly invariably twisted or mixed.

This gemstone was once considered a collectible jewel, but new deposits have rendered it more accessible. Prehnite is frequently known as 'grape jade' in China because of its characteristic nodular patterns, which mimic a cluster of grapes. It generally has a mellow apple-green hue distinctive to Prehnite, although it may also come in other shades, including yellow, orange, and blue.

Prehnite was first discovered at Wave Hill many years ago and during the 1960's low to medium grade material was mined and sent to Germany for carving. Once polished, prehnite reveals its true beauty and clarity.

Prehnite half nodule from Wave Hill N.T Australia

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