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Red Back Spider Plush Toy

Introducing the Red Back Spider, one of Australia's most recognisable eight-legged arachnids! Don't worry; this plush spider is all about fun and cuddles, despite their creepy reputation.

Sized like a dinner plate (thankfully not in real life!), this spider is made with quality velour, perfect for snuggling against. Experience a unique encounter with this realistic Red Back Spider, minus the usual fear!

With its lifelike markings, this spider will delight arachnid enthusiasts and might even provide a playful scare to those who aren't fans of these creepy crawlies.

Measuring approximately 25cm, the Spider Red Back is designed in Australia, embracing the spirit of the country's diverse wildlife. Recommended for ages 3 and up, this plush toy offers safe and enjoyable playtime for all. Embrace the wonders of Australian nature and add some whimsical excitement to your collection with the Spider Red Back!
red back spider plush

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