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Tiger Eye Slab with Cut Base and Polished Face

Rough Tiger Eye specimen with a cut base and a polished face, this unique piece showcases the captivating allure of Tiger Eye.

From the Marra Mamba region in Western Australia, this slab boasts a remarkable large gold seam that captivates the eye and draws you into its rich, earthy hues and intricate patterns. Each cut is a glimpse into the geological history of this exquisite stone, revealing the artistry of nature itself.

Whether you're a collector, a nature enthusiast, or seeking a distinctive piece of decor, this Rough Tiger Eye Slab offers a touch of the wild and the wondrous to your space. Display it proudly as a testament to the beauty that lies beneath the Earth's surface.

Discover the enchantment of Marra Mamba Tiger Eye in its raw, unadulterated form with this captivating Rough Tiger Eye Slab - a true marvel of the natural world.
Rough Tiger Eye Slab with Cut Base and Polished Face with Large Gold Seam from Marra Mamba W.A

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