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Scarab Enamel Keyring Ancient Egypt

Elevate your everyday style with our Enamel-Filled Key Chain, featuring an Egypt-inspired design that captures the mystique of ancient civilization. The exquisite enamel detailing brings the intricate artwork to life, while the elegant gold chain and ring add a touch of luxury. Exclusively from the Western Australian Museum, this key chain is not only a stylish accessory but also a piece of history. Carry a piece of Egypt's allure with you wherever you go – a perfect blend of culture and sophistication.

Design: Scarab symbolised rebirth and protection in ancient Egypt.

Exclusive collectible keyring range from the WA Museum. Embrace the allure of these unique designs, each holding a piece of history. Start your collection today and own a piece of artistry inspired by the Western Australian Museum's rich heritage.

Scarab Enamel Keyring Ancient Egypt

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