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Spike the Scorpion Plush 40cm

Meet Spike the Scorpion, a captivating larger-than-life plush companion that will leave you in awe!  Spike showcases an exquisite patterned body, complemented by a malleable wired tail and pincers, adding an extra touch of realism to this remarkable creature. Whether you're a scorpion enthusiast or seeking a unique souvenir, Spike is the ultimate choice.

But that's not all! Spike is not only a visually stunning plush, but also a cuddly friend ready to offer you comfort and warmth. Get ready to embrace the joy of a hug from this extraordinary scorpion.

Scorpions held a significant place in the ancient Egyptian culture and mythology. They were a symbol of protection, power, and transformation. The Egyptians recognized the scorpion's formidable nature and associated it with their warrior goddess, Selket (also spelled Serqet).

Dimensions: Approximately 40cm

Recommended for adventurers aged 3 years and up

Spike the Scorpion Plush
Spike the Scorpion Plush

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