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Sketchagrams Drawing Game by Pictionary

Bring big laughs to game night with Sketchagrams, the hilarious hashtag drawing game from the makers of Pictionary.

Create the perfect social media-inspired picture to accompany odd pairs of hilarious captions and hashtags! You’re a caption-writing pro. You’re the master of memes.

You can silence online trolls with one pithy remark. Now see if you can create your own image to go alongside ridiculously funny captions and hashtags that you select at random.

Pull one caption card and two hashtag cards, then you have forty-five seconds to draw a picture inspired by the combination. When the time is up, each player votes on which illustration they find the most outrageously funny and grant the artist a LIKE token.

You don’t have to be a pro artist to steal the round - in fact, the less practiced illustrators often end up with the funniest result! The player with the most LIKE tokens after four rounds is the winner. 

  • Players 3-6

Ages: 14+

Sketchagrams Drawing Game by Pictionary
Sketchagrams Drawing Game by Pictionary

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