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Smithsonian Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc

Indulge your fascination with the Mesozoic era with our captivating educational puzzle, offering a delightful experience for dinosaur enthusiasts young and old. Featuring 36 meticulously restored herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores in both skeletal and life forms, this puzzle brings the predator-prey dynamics of the past to life in the present. Perfect for meat or veg aficionados, this puzzle is an engaging journey through the Mesozoic age.

Ages: 14+

  • Offers information and images of more than 35 dinosaurs.
  • Measures 22 x 28 when completed and can easily fit into a standard-sized frame.
  • Officially licensed by the Smithsonian Institute.

Unleash your inner paleontologist and embark on an immersive journey with 1000 jigsaw pieces that piece together the wonders of prehistoric life

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