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Through Darkest Seas: Untold Story of the Duyfken

Step into the world of tall ship enthusiasts with the sensational book that's taken the community by storm. Graeme Cocks, akin to Anthony Bourdain, unveils the "Kitchen Confidential" of tall ships in "Through Darkest Seas." Delve into the secret world of constructing and sailing these wooden marvels, offering a candid look behind the scenes as dreamers bring replica sailing ships to life.

Described as a must-read manual by one enthusiast, this passionate narrative dissuades the impractical notion of building a tall ship. It's a captivating tale for sailors and dreamers alike, providing insights into square riggers and audacious voyages.

Graeme Cocks was entranced by the allure of the Duyfken - the Little Dove - in 1994. Over two decades, against all odds, a 16th-century Dutch ship materialized in Fremantle. "Through Darkest Seas" unveils the untold journey from inception to construction, documenting triumphant highs, tragic lows, and the vibrant personalities behind the Duyfken dream.

Embark on this unprecedented voyage Through Darkest Seas, discovering pain, euphoria, and the very essence of a ship's creation. A tale of dedication, achievement, and introspection, painting a vivid account of a maritime masterpiece.
Through Darkest Seas: Untold Story of the Duyfken

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