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Walking with Colour: Aeroture by Michael Haluwana Exhibition Catalogue


Vast, ancient, and majestic — the landscapes of Australia’s western reaches are filled with rich colours and fascinating forms. The seas, forests, and arid plains are brimming with unique wildlife and dynamic energy. The variety of hues provides endless inspiration while changes in perspective can allow the creation of unexpected compositions. From its rugged ranges to sweeping coastlines, Western Australia is a place of dramatic and diverse landscapes, natural wonder, and boundless beauty, providing both a challenge and inspiration to capture on camera. Journey through chromatic landscapes and seascapes, as captured through the lens of Michael Haluwana.

A quality photographic book featuring stunning and unique Western Australian landscape, wildlife and aerial works by award-winning videographer, photographer, and cinematographer Michael Haluwana.

About the Author:
Michael Haluwana is the director of specialist media producers, Aeroture, and an award-winning videographer, photographer, and cinematographer with a passion for drone and aerial photography. His work has appeared in National Geographic and in the BBC Planet Earth II series, working with celebrated naturalist Sir David Attenborough. Michael’s portfolio is a breathtaking exploration of nature, landscapes, seascapes, night sky and time-lapse photography.

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